Our values – what we stand for

Our distinctive values differentiate the GEMS Learning Trust; they are based on the four core values of GEMS Education. This is what we stand for:

Leading through innovation

This means we:

· Fearlessly try new ways of teaching and learning, and adopt the best

· Have the courage to change in the best interests of young people

· Offer an innovative provision using inspired teaching to explore the world

· Explore exciting advances in science and technology, and how they impact on us



Pursuing excellence

This means we:

· Have an uncompromising belief that anyone and everyone can succeed

· Have an ambition to exceed expectations

· Offer rigorous leadership of education, financial systems and safety

· Cherish individuals to promote the well-being of everyone

· Create a curriculum that is rich and enriched, varied, responsive to local needs

· Focus on enriching children’s lives

Growing by learning

This means we:

· Develop an appetite to learn, an appetite to be a global citizen

· Build confidence for modern life

· Grow happy, confident, rounded, balanced children

· Ensure every child regards themselves as a success

· Improve by learning from the things that we try

· Support, share and coach each other so that we can be even better

· Expect openness and receptiveness, honesty, self-awareness

· Making magic enjoyable moments to make the most of precious but fleeting years

Global citizenship

This means we:

· Instil compassion, respect, awareness and tolerance and respect for other people

· Challenge stereotypes, preconceptions and prejudice

· Bring the ever shrinking world into the classroom

· See ourselves and our culture in a global context

· Hold global conversations and local dialogues

· Prepare our children for a global world