About GEMS Learning Trust

Mission statement

The goal of the GEMS Learning Trust is to create hubs of excellence within which our schools can support and challenge not only other Trust schools but also schools in our locality.

Who we are

The GEMS Learning Trust is an educational charity with Academy Sponsorship status, approved by the Department for Education and established to deliver high-performing free schools and academies. Our people are education experts with 15 years or more of experience in their chosen specialism. We provide support for new schools and academies, delivering high-quality education and improving outcomes in sponsored academies.

In September 2015, we opened our first school in Twickenham, our second here in Didcot in September 2016, and in the near future we will be opening a further school in Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames. We have also been approved to open a new school in Wantage, set to open its doors in September 2020.

Working Together

Working together is a strength which delivers an excellent academic and enriching education in GLT schools.

GEMS Learning Trust schools collaborate at every level to ensure the best quality education possible for all pupils in every school.  Staff expertise, resources, workshops and a friendly, supportive and honest relationships exist between the schools.  School leaders benefit from professional support and challenge from the Director of Education, as well as from the other principals in the trust.

At the heart of our curriculum is the wish for pupils to fully engage, enjoy and understand their learning experiences; working with the teacher and their classmates to stretch their abilities whilst developing resilience and perseverance by responding to constructive feedback from their teachers and peers.  The Trust schools expect this level of commitment from all staff leading to a highly reflective and effective workforce ensuring that all pupils have stimulating and successful teaching and learning experiences.

The GEMS Learning Trust Board

The GLT has one Central Trust Board with oversight of all the schools. The main purpose of the Trust Board is to ensure that the schools and the Trust are held to the highest standards and that all matters are scrutinised from the independent perspectives of industry experts. Our Trustees have backgrounds in finance, law, engineering, governance and education. Together they have the skills and insight required to run a high performing trust, ask key questions and act as a critical friend.

The GEMS Learning Trust Executive Team

The GLT has a lean exective team consisting of the CEO, the Director of Education and the Trust Business Manager. All three work for the Trust on a part time basis, ensuring focused use of time and best value for money.


Our distinctive values differentiate the GEMS Learning Trust. They are based on the four core values of GEMS Education:

Leading through innovation

This means we:

· Fearlessly try new ways of teaching and learning, and adopt the best

· Have the courage to change in the best interests of young people

· Offer an innovative provision using inspired teaching to explore the world

· Explore exciting advances in science and technology, and how they impact on us


Pursuing excellence

This means we:

· Have an uncompromising belief that anyone and everyone can succeed

· Have an ambition to exceed expectations

· Offer rigorous leadership of education, financial systems and safety

· Cherish individuals to promote the well-being of everyone

· Create a curriculum that is rich and enriched, varied, responsive to local needs

· Focus on enriching children’s lives

Growing by learning

This means we:

· Develop an appetite to learn, an appetite to be a global citizen

· Build confidence for modern life

· Grow happy, confident, rounded, balanced children

· Ensure every child regards themselves as a success

· We improve by learning from the things that we try

· Support, share and coach each other so that we can be even better

· Expect openness and receptiveness, honesty, self-awareness

· Making magic enjoyable moments to make the most of precious but fleeting years

Global Citizenship

This means we:

· Instil compassion, respect, awareness and tolerance and respect for other people

· Challenge stereotypes, preconceptions and prejudice

· Bring the ever shrinking world into the classroom

· See ourselves and our culture in a global context

· Hold global conversations and local dialogues

· Prepare our children for a global world