Our offer to academies

What does the GEMS Learning Trust bring to our academies?

The GEMS Learning Trust is developing the services we provide to our academies. As we grow, the service provision will expand and the mechanism of delivery will develop.


Currently we offer:

  • Quality assurance of provision – teaching and learning, assessment, tracking, behaviour, Ofsted readiness, as well as rigorous performance management and extensive support for each principal
  • Peer-to-peer support for principals to exchange best practices
  • Development opportunities at schools level to build sustainable capacity for continuous improvement within and beyond the network
  • A framework for schools, each with its own principal who has the autonomy to develop their school
  • A board of directors with educational expertise in finance, HR, admissions, branding, H&S, buildings and recruitment
  • An influential role for leadership and teaching in a progressive, growing organisation; forming hubs, collaborative relationships and local partnerships