The GEMS Learning Trust governs all of the academies in the Trust through the central board of governors – also called directors and trustees. The board delegates many of its responsibilities to regional boards and commitees.

Members Remit

Vision and outcomes Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company including pupil outcomes

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Central Board Remit

  • Strategy and performance Set the strategic improvement priorities of the Trust and scrutinise the performance of the Trust
  • Admissions Ensure that the Trust complies with the Admissions Code at all times
  • Public Relations Promote partnership working and shared approaches
  • Compliance  Observe all statutory and contractual obligations; EFA, DfE, HMRC, Companies House, Charities Law, AFH, Accounts directions etc.

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Operations Committee Remit

  • Financial monitoring Keep the GEMS Learning Trust’s budget and finance schemes under regular review and ensure that spending represents good value for money and have an impact on academy priorities
  • Compliance Ensure financial and procedural compliance with the Academies Handbook and Funding Agreements including reporting to the EFA
  • Premises Oversee and review the maintenance of academy premises, and equipment,  resources and ensure they match the requirements of the academies’ priorities
  • Risk management establish a risk management framework and intervene quickly and effectively when required
  • Audit  Appoint internal and external audit officers (Responsible Officer) and respond to their audit findings and recommendations
  • Human Resources Advise on legal requirements and procedures relating to Trust employment matters and pay
  • Health and Safety Ensure that the Trust complies with statutory requirements for the management of Health and Safety in each academy

QES Regional Board Remit

  • Performance Scrutinise attainment, attendance and welfare of all children, highlighting vulnerable children and other groups of pupils in reference to RAISEOnline, local and national benchmark information:
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Promote an exceptionally safe and vigilant culture and review child protection and safeguarding processes and ensure recommendations are followed by each Academy
  • Special Educational and Physical Needs Review the SEND systems in each academy and ensure compliance to the SEND code of practice
  • Trust wide development and collaboration  Work across academies on Teaching and Learning, recruitment and retention, internal monitoring and audits, CPD, ICT and other projects
  • Stakeholder engagement Develop Trust wide marketing and communication strategies and monitor the effectiveness of the complaints policy and procedures. To engage with stakeholders; pupils, staff, parents/carers and the community and ensure that each Academy meets legal requirements to publish information online